See if you can identify all of these melodies hidden within the music.  If you are still totally stuck and keen to know the answers, please feel free to get in touch by clicking here.


Best wishes, John Riley

Hidden Melody 1. (audio)  (score)
Clue: a very well-known folk melody.

Hidden Melody 2. (audio)  (score)
Clue: everyone has one of these from time to time.

Hidden Melody 3. (audio)
Clue: another very well-known folk melody.

Hidden Melody 4. (audio)
Clue: This parody on a very well-known piece, supposedly by a Baroque composer (but really by his modern biographer) is a famous pop song sung by an equally famous British pop singer. Think also of an ex-London bus!

Hidden Melody 5. (audio)
Clue: a well-known hymn tune on which there are three short variations.

Hidden Melody 6. (audio)
Clue: another well-known hymn tune.

Hidden Melody 7. (audio)
A hymn tune, the name of which would suggest, rightly or wrongly, that the composer was absolutely prolific in their writing of tunes!

Noël en Ecosse’ by Cesar Franck(?!)

Something slightly fishy about this one...more hidden melodies?


Hidden Melody 1. (audio)
Clue: the title should give you a clue to the two hidden melodies.

Hidden Melody 2. (audio)
Clue: a well-known national anthem, also sometimes used as a hymn tune.

Hidden Melody 3. (audio)
Clue: the title should give you all the information that you need.

Hidden Melody 4. (audio)
Clue: a nanny’s advice on how to make something unpleasant more palatable.

Hidden Melody 5. (audio)
Clue: you shouldn’t need a degree in Spanish to work this out from the title - two pertinent melodies.

Hidden Melody 6. (audio)
Clue: a melody pertaining to a particular part of the capital.

Hidden Melody 7. (audio)
Clue: There are two indigenous melodies to find in this unexpected recent addition to Schubert’s legacy.

Hidden Melody 8. (audio)
Clue: the hidden melody is a 1990s pop song, sung by a group that has the same name as something that you see on the packets of some pharmaceutical products. You may know this name though by its far more common term.

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